Premium Asian hotel group, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, was renovating and re-launching an iconic Mauritian getaway-- the Le Touessrok hotel. We pitched and won the business for the launch campaign. Here is the manifesto I wrote on our strategic positioning.




“In an age where our earth is mapped through GPS and Google Earth, every inch of the globe can be travelled without ever leaving home. Gone are the days of setting off into the complete unknown. The road to each destination has been paved by countless others, who've left a flood of instagram photos, Tripadvisor reviews, and Facebook updates in their wake. We're left with a landscape saturated with ubiquitous palm trees and vanilla beaches.

In this barrage on our senses, there is no mystery, no space for our imagination.

Hotels across the globe jump into this frenzy. They cram their websites with laundry lists of amenities, each trying to outdo each other with even more perfect images of beach-front views and pristine white tablecloths. In the race to sell paradise, a holiday in Mauritius becomes indistinguishable from one in the Caribbean, or Thailand.  In the quest to present the perfect destination, they forget to take us on a journey.

We believe a holiday begins with a dream that needs to be nurtured, not manufactured. We believe the best holidays are the ones where the mind is free to roam, take unexpected turns, and make discoveries large and small.

We believe in giving back the space for the imagination.

It’s a subtle art that involves stimulating the senses, without overwhelming them. It’s creating exquisite spaces that draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and culture. It’s non-invasive Asian hospitality that allows you do to as you please.

It’s letting the imagination roam free, so that little moments can evolve into the richest of memories."