I bring fresh (even edgy) ideas to whatever team or organization I'm a part of. I'm constantly absorbing and filtering ideas on where we are going as a collective and how we can create a better future through better systems - in our lives, in our work places, and for the planet. 


I'm obsessed with the future. I'm even writing a book set there. When I pull insights for my strategy work, its always with the goal of pushing past what we assume our reality is and imagining big. Things I love right now: concrete that can absorb rising sea level water, bioremediation, the blurring of human and machine bodies, the mash-up identity future of America.

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Developing an innovation hub? Looking to build out a social responsibility arm? I love creating new parts of businesses, and helping to connect them strategically to the greater whole. I'm a natural leader who loves organizing people, mapping out processes, and experimenting wth (never imposing) the best ways of working for each particular context. I'm a disciple of Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Guided by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness. 


With only 31% of employees engaged in their work, the relationship between workplace and employee needs some serious couples therapy. I think culture is the golden egg here. Places that have strong culture are like a magnetic force field that draw top talent in, and get stronger with them. "Culture" is both the hard stuff - what's your maternity policy like? How much diversity are you intent on bringing in?- to the soft and squishy - how do I feel when I walk through the doors? I love creating environments where culture can thrive, and people are happy.