My specialty is in brand strategy, helping you to distill the core message of your brand and position yourself in the marketplace. I take you through a process of looking at “the four Cs”: your company, your consumer, your competition, and culture - to help you know what you stand for and how to tell your story.



I also offer general communications strategy, content strategy, and pitch deck creation. While I stand out for my “big picture thinking”, I’m able to jump in for more targeted strategic needs. I’m able to take any piece of content and ladder it up to your bigger brand message so that everything is clear and consistent.



Once I’ve built your strategy, I help you figure out how to actually build your brand experience. I’m a matchmaker with a strong network of creators (graphic designers, digital designers, content creators, etc.). I help brands scout, RFP, and then direct a creative team to execute the brand. I often jump in creatively as either a copywriter, content producer, or art director when needed. I’m familiar with the process of both shooting video & still images, as well printing physical material.



I’m a natural entrepreneur, and I love working with brands and companies in early stages. I help build the infrastructure to launch you, both from a messaging standpoint - but also operationally what you need to do to pragmatically build your vision.