Hi! This is me and my husband Jake with our dog Barney. Barney's canine cuz, Lewis, is in the trunk. His other canine cuz, Mara, is in the front. I have a leash wrapped round my waist. We are those people.

We live in Brooklyn and go to the Catskills as much as possible. We lived in London for a year and left a big piece of our heart there. 

I'm from NYC (my dad has been in the same West Village house for 50 years). I spent every summer of my childhood roaming the Finnish woods: walking barefoot, eating wild strawberries, making houses for my fairy friends.

I spent ages 16-24 living in different countries and acquiring languages: France, Scotland, Spain, and Finland. This means I sometimes spell things funny. 

I love Harry Potter. I enjoy a costume party. I laugh when I'm talking about something hard. I sing songs but mess up the words. Tongue twisters is my party trick.