As a content creator, I work across mediums. I work well with creatives and technologists of different types - always in a directorial role, helping to execute the overarching vision of a project. I am a perfectionist with a touch of OCD, which makes me a great editor and an annoying collaborator, insistent on making allllll those tiny tweaks. #sorrynotsorry



I spent a year working at Mindshare Entertainment in their branded content production studio. This was a crash course in video of all kind - high, low, long, itty-bitty. 

We created this Dove asset as part of a 12-week long "reactive content" program for Unilever Hair Scale. Every week, we identified a trend / cultural moment + got client and legal approval on a creative concept (Monday), shot the asset (Tuesday), went into post production (Wednesday), and had it live in front of consumers (Friday)! It was nuts.

For Mother's Day, we shot this real mother-daughter duo. I directed, art directed, led the production, liaised with the client, and wrote the copy. We linked it to their campaign of the moment: #loveyourhair.


I've worked on several book / printed zine projects as an editor and art director (and often producer), working to find a cohesive way to present multiple voices. I have a skill for finding the unique thread that connects disparate pieces of content and curating them into a compelling whole. This image is from a recent booklet the other fellows and I made for our WPP Fellowship graduation, where we wrote letters to our younger selves. We were illustrated by the very talented Louisa Cannell who managed to capture the youthful energy of the project.

WPP_Touffou Letters_cover.jpg

Branded Content playbook.png


Are you a tech guy / gal? If so, I love you. I always enjoy working with technologists who want to push the envelope of what is possible digitally. I love the experimental nature of the medium, but always approach it from a user's perspective. Working with different partners, I've made collaborative working interfaces, internal microsites, and online playbooks. I have yet to make an app. Any takers?


I have a Masters from Yale School of Architecture where I spent two years working on an interdisciplinary arts project that ended in an experiential takeover of four abandoned storefronts. I curated several other exhibitions during this time. I explore how our bodies experience space, and like transporting people into immersive wonderlands. No surprise, I've loved ideating on Refinery29's annual 29Rooms (a funhouse for style, culture, and technology). I like all immersive theatre (Punchdrunk etc.).