"UNLEASH THE DRAMA" - with mindshare entertainment

When Chex Mix came to our branded content studio at Mindshare Entertainment (MSE), they asked us to "ignite the drama" around their snack food. They shared that consumers  love specific pieces so much, they often rifle through the bag to pick out what they like... and then vocally hate on the rest! Drama, mama!

I wrote the strategy for "Personifying the Pieces" - to amplify the personal attachment people feel to each piece. To reach the target of Gen X moms - we decided to capitalize on the wave of 90s nostalgia and cultural "re-boots" happening in the summer of 2016. We briefed several writers and landed on the story of a fictional band, made entirely of Chex Mix pieces, getting back together on their "re-union tour".

When we secured the talent of the Backstreet Boys, this comedic drama unfolded in new ways. This campaign won bronze at the Telly awards and received great press