Hello, I’m Saga. Saga means “story” in Finnish, and I’m a storyteller.

Professionally, I help brands figure out what their story is to tell, and how to tell it in a way that is effective, compelling, and unique to their spirit. I work independently with small and big brands. My expertise is in the wellness sector and mission-based brands looking to integrate purpose and profit.

I learned this craft on the WPP Fellowship, a 3-year whirlwind apprenticeship program with the largest communications company in the world. They say it’s harder to get into than Harvard (advertising, amiright?). I lived in London and New York and worked with over 50 global brands from General Mills, to Jaguar Landrover, to Refinery29. I did both high level thinking, like writing brand manifestos for Reckitt Benckiser - and low level content creation. Yes, that was me modeling in Tresemmé’s “mobile interstitial unit” ad for perfect Coachella hair!

I left the company because I wanted to pave my own way. Since then, I’ve launched my DIY video course “the Brand Bootcamp” which encapsulates everything I know in 10 videos. I’ve moved more into the wellness space (a personal passion), and now work with both start ups and individual influencers. I also had the tremendous joy of becoming a mama. I’m a native New Yorker, and have degrees from Edinburgh University and Yale School of Architecture. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, baby boy, and my first born dog baby.